Give Me All the Passion of the Guy Building the House-Sized Skeleton

McKenzie Lynn Tozan
5 min readOct 21, 2021
Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Whether we want to admit it or not, there are times that we could use a little inspiration from someone who clearly seems to have it all figured out.

With it being the spooky season, why shouldn’t we turn to some serious decorating skills?

Home Depot released the incredible, grinning 12-foot skeleton last year, but with it being 2020, a lot of people’s Halloween and Christmas spirits were dimmed. This year, however, people have been eager to take their favorite holidays back in style, and that 12-foot skeletal dude sold out national-wide in a matter of days.

But Alan Perkins from Ohio decided to put that 12-foot skeleton to shame.

For the last five years, he’d been collecting all of the PVC pipe, connectors, glue, paint, and other construction goodies he needed to create a house-sized skeleton that appeared to break out of his lovely Ohio home.

Here’s what you’ll see if you’re among the many passers-by now checking out his incredibly cool setup:


Halloween-loving me is absolutely floored by this. The time he must have put into designing this, collecting all of the supplies (which took years by itself), and then the actual assembly? I’m in awe of his dedication and creativity, and I would love to give this guy a high-five for a job well, awesomely, spookily done.

I mean, seriously, look at that detail:


(All of you in the Midwest, I hope you’ll go check this out for me. Taking a plane (or a couple of them) to come to see this attraction is appealing but not the most feasible at the moment…)

But here’s what’s driving me crazy: a lot of people are being really negative about what Alan Perkins created.

If you scroll through the comments made on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll see a lot of the following:

“Oh, I wish I had that kind…



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