Here’s My Favorite Trick to Write High-Converting Copy.

McKenzie Lynn Tozan
6 min readMar 2, 2020
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Early this morning, I was submitting a sample piece for a new potential client in copywriting.

This is nothing new. By regularly reaching out to my network and applying for work via various job boards, I keep my workflow steady and the content varied.

But I recalled while completing my application the high number of inquiries and pleas for help I’ve seen around the internet recently.

Most of these calls come from fellow writers who are struggling to break into copywriting or to find more clients after “getting lucky” that one time.

It occurred to me just this morning, because of my creative writing background, my approach to applying for these positions and later writing highly-converting copy, may actually be fairly unique.

And because I want to practice my attitude of abundance, I thought I’d share my greatest trick with you today.

My background in writing began with creative writing. I started writing short stories in elementary school and wrote my earliest poems and novel drafts in middle school.

Because of this early start, I’ve always believed very strongly in backstory and immersion. I value the arch of a story, the conflict, how characters grow into themselves…



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