OMG, Lit Shark is LIVE (and Ready to Sink Its Teeth into Some Submissions!)

McKenzie Lynn Tozan
3 min readJan 11, 2023
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Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week.

I’m going to keep this one brief, but it’s only January 11th, and one of my goals for 2023 is already coming true: to launch Lit Shark Magazine after pondering it for about five years. Suddenly launching the Banned Book Review doesn’t feel like such a faraway dream.

Lit Shark is an unapologetically big undertaking, as it includes a traditional literary magazine, a literary magazine for CHILDREN (which we need more of), teaching resources, book reviews and author interviews, a deep love for marine biology, and eventually, a press element and book publishing services.

Now Accepting Submissions!

We’re now accepting submissions for our first issues of Lit Shark (for emerging and established writers AND artists of all genres) and Lit Pup (a children’s magazine for anyone under the age of 18, also in all written and artistic genres). We currently can’t compensate, but we will begin doing so as soon as possible — -and of course, submissions are free of charge, and every submission will receive a yes/no response (we believe in shark-watching, not ghosting).

Also, for anyone looking to grow their portfolio of book reviews, author interviews, and…



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