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McKenzie Lynn Tozan
7 min readOct 25, 2021
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We may not like to admit it, but the Big, Important Tasks of our day can also be Intimidating As Hell.

Because of the importance of these tasks, many of us start feeling stuck on how we’ll even go about completing them, which often leads to stress, self-doubt, and procrastination.

Which tasks might inspire such mental and emotional spirals? It differs from person to person, but some possibilities are completing an important project, having a Zoom meeting, or cold-calling/cold-pitching a potential, big client.

What is Cold-Calling or Cold-Pitching? The “temperature” of these tasks is all about the connection you had with the person on the receiving end prior to this interaction. For example, someone you've worked with for a long time — who you know well and whose vision you thoroughly understand — would be a hot pitch if you decided to pitch them about a new venture in their business. If you reach out to someone, offering them your services, and they’ve never heard of you, it’s a cold pitch.

The cold pitch is a unique way of connecting with new potential connections you would like to provide a service for. It’s meant to be an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and your services, your interpretation of your potential client’s work, and how you can positively contribute to what they’re doing.

Many freelancers dread this process, because cold pitches are much less likely to land positively, and with a response, than a warm or hot pitch. So after all of the work that’s gone into finding companies that potentially need a copywriter (for instance), what they do, what they need, and how they can help, the freelancer knows that they may never hear anything back.

To be honest, I typically lean away from cold communications. Despite the potential for higher-ticket clients and meeting new people all across the globe, I generally avoid the anxiety-inducing activity. I’ve managed to reach a reasonable level of clients through connections with other freelancers (and referrals), calls for temporary positions that turned into long-term clients, and yes, job boards that I seriously wowed.

…At least, that was until today.

There’s a social media influencer I follow who I love who’s quickly been rising…



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